Our Clients Say ...

"Having begun training in my teens I've been through my fair share of trainers, nutritionists, naturopaths, medical doctors, etc., etc. As a model, it was a must for my work to stay fit and trim, maintain great skin, and so forth. As I was paying a lot of attention to my health, diet and fitness I thought I was doing pretty well.    

Then, after moving to Toronto, I met JP and talked with him as well as other trainers. I found JP to be very forthright (a quality I think is essential and hard to come by) and more knowledgeable than any other trainer I had ever met. Over the years I had spent thousands of dollars and I had collected information from many sources - magazines, trainers, nutritionists, etc., etc. And yet, after speaking with JP, I realized that most of what I had been doing that I thought was right - was wrong!!!! I felt both enlightened and overwhelmed with all this new information.

So what was so wrong with my past habits? You see I was a vegetarian for 13 years; no meat, no seafood, and not even eggs. And my source of protein was tofu and protein powders (the cheap synthetic type). So ignorance is not bliss - especially when it comes to one's health.        

On our first session JP discussed my diet. I've had other trainers do that, but not with the thoroughness of JP. He educated me on nutrition, with much more information than any other nutritionist had ever provided me with. So the first few sessions we did not even get to a workout routine simply because I was so health illiterate. I was almost dumbfounded after our initial meetings. Lots of info so vital to longevity. So I slowly began to incorporate meat and other dietary recommendations suggested by JP into my diet. Combined with a solid gym routine, within two months I lost 10 pounds. And I noticed a significant difference in my body and overall health.

I have far more energy and feel healthy both mentally and physically since they are interrelated!! After training with JP I now realize even my workouts were wrong all along and, had I continued, could have had serious long term ramifications. There really is a lot of information that needs to be covered and I like it that JP is thorough and detailed. I also like that he is up to date with info and customizes his services according to the individual's needs and desired goals. He finds the best and safest way to meet one's needs in order to gain long term results."

One satisfied client,
Mia B.

"I have been working with John Paul for some time now and have been extremely pleased with the results he has helped me attain.

In the first 3 months working out with John Paul, I saw my weight drop from 206 lbs to 177 lbs, my resting heart rate decreased from 73 to 50, my blood pressure went from 133/100 to a much healthier 114/81 and my body fat percentage dropped by 7%. At that time, I had reached my weight loss goals so John Paul helped me to re-establish new ones which consisted of adding more muscle mass and improving my overall strength. Over the next 3 years, he put me on various strength and training programs which again yielded the results that I had been hoping for, including the ability to squat 365 lbs and dead lift 405 lbs.

John Paul has a very positive attitude and excellent motivational skills which made working out always enjoyable. He also knows a great number of additional people who can assist in attaining your training and health goals. In fact, John Paul and I visited Dr. Renna of Dallas, Texas who performed a complete assessment of me. The results of this assessment showed that I was deficient in certain areas and with this information; I was able to add a few supplements to my diet which helped my development immensely.

If you're looking for a personal trainer who is knowledgeable, professional and makes exercising fun, as well as challenging, I would highly recommend using John Paul's services."

John C.

"John Paul is, in my opinion, an excellent trainer. I started training with him a few years ago and right from the start my case was a challenging one because of certain medical conditions.

John Paul has taught me so much about proper training, nutrition, and so much more. His vast amount of knowledge has been extremely useful to me and has allowed me to obtain the right information concerning my medical conditions, and thus directing me to the right path of optimal health and wellness. But I believe what makes John Paul a truly excellent trainer is the fact that he never gives up.

He's a motivator, he makes you feel like you can conquer any ailment, any problem, if you want it badly enough. His sessions are fun, he's humorous and he is constantly on top of the latest supplements and information. He gives you the attention you deserve."

Jenny F.

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