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I had been training for about 15 years before working out with JP. He has a terrific down to earth approach which has allowed me to significantly reduce my body fat levels while increasing my strength on virtually every exercise. I would highly recommend him."

Lorne M.






"Working with John Paul has been great! I never had much motivation to work out and was really self conscious in a regular gym.

The 1:1 education and training has really made me aware of my health and well-being. The work out programs are tailor made to work within my strengths and challenge my limitations.

I would recommend John Paul to anyone who has had difficulty maintaining an exercise regime and nutrition plan. You truly realize the results!"

Roula M.

"It’s Saturday April 23, 2005 and I nervously await the arrival of my birthday present; 3 in-home sessions with John Paul Catanzaro. How did that come about? I had been training on and off for a number of years and wasn’t realizing the goals that I wanted to achieve. I had mentioned to my wife that I was getting frustrated with my programme and was considering getting a trainer to help out. I really didn’t think she was paying that much attention. When I asked, “Why John Paul Catanzaro?” she replied that she looked for the best of the best in the Toronto area and found JP.

On day one, John Paul reviewed my body composition and did a thorough fitness test. Didn’t do as well as I thought I should have; sum of skinfolds: 121.4, body fat: 19.07% and not so good on the fitness level. That was a bit of a surprise for me but John Paul explained that this was mostly due to me not performing my exercises correctly. Day two we ran through my current diet and nutrition. I wasn’t too bad there. John Paul pointed out some areas that needed improvement and suggested a diet plan. Day three we looked over our home equipment and off he went to set up a personalized programme for me.

Now my journey begins. I follow the diet plan and training programmes that John Paul set up and away I go.

It’s now January 14, 2006 and I’m doing another session with John Paul. My body composition has changed a wee bit; sum of skinfolds: 76 , body fat: 12.75%. My skinfold measurements have dropped by about 40% in that time frame. Holy…! Also, John Paul complimented me on how my posture has improved since we first met. Eeeehaaa, this is working!

Today, I continue to work with John Paul. Each and every session, I benefit from his knowledge, his advice and his personal approach. My lean body mass is increasing and I am seeing real gains. There was a time when I thought that I was past the age of realizing any sort of physique change. But as I’m heading rapidly into my 48th year, I can honestly say the John Paul has proven me wrong! I am very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to have met and train with John Paul. My wife did find the “best of the best” personal trainer!"

Tim L.  

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